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Analyzing Web traffic is key to learn about user flow and behavior.

We analyze your target audience before setting up any marketing campaigns.

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Analysing Web Traffic

Google Analytics is a very powerful, and free, tool to analyze what is happening on your web portal.

This is a ‘must-have’ tool for all who are serious about their website or online shop. Google Analytics does not only give a complete overview of your website visitors, it also gives you an entire in-depth look at visitor behavior and flows through your web portal.

Without an in-depth knowledge of your website users, it is not possible to optimize for better performance!

The Google Analytics tool is basically a big database system from where you can extract tailor-made reports and statistics on for example; high performing keywords, new and recurring users, user demographics and their devices, web traffic channels, and of course conversion rates.

This allows you easily, and at any time, to compile reports and statistics on your defined goals.

Google Analytics

Analyse your data in real-time or build advanced metric models to look for specifics user patterns

Target Group Analysis

A definition of your desired target groups is an effective way to start. Look for user patterns on websites where most services, products or other goals are set as a performing factor. Start to add user groups to the segmented list of; top-performing user profiles who made a purchase, top performing user profiles who requested information on our contact form or signed up for our newsletter.

The target lists and how you segment them is naturally depending on your business model.

After defining your favorite target group lists, with segmentation based on demographic characteristics as well as location definition and user language, it is time to optimize low performing websites. Simply group site visitors and compare them with wanted target groups and start to optimize user flow through those sites.

The following knowledge is particularly important for optimization of advertising campaigns and websites:

  • User demographics, interest groups and how they perform on different websites
  • Locations and language information from best performing (converting) visitors
  • High and low bounce rate from specific user devices (PC, tablet or mobile)

For segmentation, is it particularly important to determine which Target Groups that leads to most of the defined goals. Achieving the highest conversion rate.

Channel Group Analysis

With a channel group analyze we determine from where our valuable web traffic is coming from. An important part of the web traffic analysis is to look for those traffic channels that provide you with the most valuable website visitors. This could be from referral traffic, e-mail newsletters, CPC or via organic search.

It is highly recommended to start analyzing your traffic channels and identify where your most valuable users are coming from. Such information is crucial both before and after fresh marketing activities are launched.

What if you spend hours on a weekly newsletter and it doesn’t really bring any valuable users, or a lot of effort has just been spent on search engine optimization (SEO) but your organic traffic has not really improved? Then it is time to rethink your strategy and focus your effort on those marketing activities that bring in sales or sales leads.

The following knowledge is particularly important for the optimization of advertising campaigns and websites:

  • Which channels bring most quality visitors and why
  • The user behavior among the individual channels and which perform best
  • Over which channels are the bounce rates at the highest and why

For segmentation, is it particularly important to determine which Channel Groups that leads to most of the defined goals. Achieving the highest conversion rate.

User flow and Behavior Analysis

With Google Analytics, we dive deep into visitor statistics to analyze individual website and optimize performance.

It is important to determine how users behave on individual websites to see if there is a logical flow through the menu structure. Hereby we can detect if a Call-to-Actions is missing or if users are getting lost on some websites.

The following knowledge is particularly important for the optimization of advertising campaigns and websites:

  • The flow of behavior through the website until the goal is achieved
  • Which website content is particularly interesting for the user
  • What menu item does your user klick most on (Heat map)


We make sure the right Call-to-Actions are Implemented and Goals are tracked from relevant landing pages.

eCommerce platforms with products and services sales

– Shopping Basket

B2B Lead generation for projects and services

– Contact Form

Content provider with blog posts or info page

– Affiliate Links

Adverteise for people to visit your business

– Local Store

Analysing Demographics

Analyse where your users are located and segment this information into age and interest groups. Such lists are valuable for your Remarketing activities

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