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It is all about finding and targeting top performance website visitors.

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Performance Marketing

Finding and targeting top performance Website visitors

Through performance marketing, we are targeting potential customer at a late stage of their buying cycle. Here we are actively targeting people who are searching for information and prices for products or services they intend to purchase. Performance marketing is mainly used for Lead Generation, E-Commerce shops and to find Local Businesses.

Search based Ads are the most effective way to find potential customers who are looking for products or services because they show exactly what people are searching for.

Useful methods to target potential customers in the Search Network

  • Text-based Ads based on Keywords
  • Google Shopping with image Ads
  • Dynamic Search Ads based on website categories

Google Campaign Types

AdWords Campaign types determine where customers see your ads.

Google AdWords is a powerful Advisement tool that can do a lot more than just straightforward Text Ads!

Keyword Search Ads

Keyword based search ads are triggered by keywords and are one of the quickest ways to get your products and services listed on the search engines. Google Text Ads is the most widely used advertising tool to reach potential customers on the search network. With very little effort you will immediately be present on the biggest search engine and reach exactly those potential customers who are looking for your products and services on the Internet.

An advertising campaign can be designed relatively quickly

The results appear immediately and are measurable

With a fixed daily budget, you always have your advertising costs under full control

For better performance, it is recommended to use the additional ad extensions

  • Use additional Sitelinks, Call-outs, Snippets etc.
  • Use Keywords in Ad Text
  • Rotate Ads to optimize performance
  • Implement top Keywords on Landing pages

Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads appears on the Search Networks when people are entering search queries for products and services. It is one of the most effective ways to target valuable users in a late stage of their buying cycle.

With Text-based Search advertisement, we can gain full control over Ad placement and Performance.

For better performance and more add space, it is recommended to use as many ad extensions as possible.

  • Use additional Sitelinks, Call-outs, Snippets etc.
  • Use Keywords in Ad Text
  • Rotate Ads to optimize performance
  • Implement top Keywords on Landing page

Product Listed Search Ads

Product listed search Ads (Google Shopping) is another very efficient method to catch your target customers on the Google Search Network.

Shopping ads appear on Google Search Network and on YouTube, when people search for products that you sell.

This marketing channel is mainly for E-Commerce shops and requires a merchant data feed instead of keywords.

Shopping ads include rich product information, such as product image, price, and your E-Commerce store name.

Display Ads

With Display advertisement, we are generally placing ads on websites and forums where people browsing. However, as well as with Performance Marketing there are also useful methods to be used to target specific audience groups. Display Ads can be placed in many different formats and contains items such as text, images, video, and animation. The main usage of display advertising is to create brand awareness and deliver general advertisements messages to site visitors.

Useful methods to target potential customers in the Display Network

  • Text, Image and video Ads based on Keywords
  • Text, Image and video Ads based on interest groups
  • Text, Image and video Ads based Remarketing lists

Video & YouTube Ads

Video advertisement in Google AdWords is another powerful way to reach your target audience with almost the same targeting methods as with Display Marketing. YouTube is the world second largest search engine, and with search queries like “how to ..” are people looking for all kind of solutions on how to use specific products. Even purchase managers investigate this marketing channel before they start the acquisition process.

TrueView video ads are an exciting and interactive way to engage your customers on YouTube and across the web. You can create and manage your TrueView campaigns right in Google AdWords and have control over where your TrueView ads show up, when they run, and who sees them.

Social Media as a Marketing Channel

The use of Social Media Marketing (SMM) as Marketing Channel, can be very effective for companies to reach new potential customers. But also, a great possibility to engage directly with existing customers.

With transparency and the right interactions, it is even possible to accelerate the sales cycle and gain confidence of a larger potential customer base.

The use of product placement on popular YouTube channels and positive ratings on relevant user forums can really strengthen and accelerate your marketing campaigns.

Through social media, you can build long-term relationships with a broad and loyal group of people who would like to deal with your products or services.

The goal of SMM is to produce content that users will share with their social network to help a company increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach.


Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

The use of social media as a marketing channel is growing incredibly fast, and with the constant increase of new channels, it is crucial to select the best channel to match your business model and marketing strategy.

Facebook and Google+ are best suited for Content Marketing and to build a closer relationship with your customer base.

Twitter and Instagram are more suitable for broadcasting news or images and can be used as an extended form for block posts.

To communicate and interact with your customer base or followers via Social Media sites requires a disciplined marketing strategy and some engaged human resources who can constantly follow up on feedback and request for more information.

Starting and maintaining a Social Media Channel is a long-term approach.

Targeting users on all devices and advertisement platforms

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